The «FELSBERG» wine estate

Half of our vineyards are to be found round Bernardvillé, often in steep slopes.The other half is located round Epfig where Simone comes from.

We have to take care of about 50000 vines which, were they in one row, it would be about 50 km.long. For the manual tasks alone, we make more than 700 km on foot every year, going from one vine to the next.
The Fronholtz

Near Epfig, the "Fronholtz" hill produces fine Rieslings on sandstone soil. Other places like our "Spitzheck" produce excellent Gewurztraminer as well as Pinot Gris on heavier and richer soil washed down for thousands of years from the Vosges Mountains. We produce all the different grape varieties that can be found in Alsace. Late Vintage wines an selections of Noble grapes are also grown when the weather conditions are particularly fine. Crémant d'Alsace, the Alsatian sparkling wine is produce