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Geiger Koenig

Le Felsberg

Wine estate

Geiger Koenig

L'Amour de la nature

Our cellar

Our <<terroirs>>


The estate

Patrick Geiger, Independant Wine grower, and his parents Simone and Richard wish you a warm welcome on their family estate.

We invite you to discover our strong personality wines.

Patrick took over the estate from both his parents and grand parents. For many years, the best varieties of grapes have been adapted to the most suitable soils.

« Schieferberg » with a shale soil and « Eichelberg » with a volcanic soil, are the best terroirs in our area


Terroirs Wines



Located on a schisty soil which is almost unique
in Alsace this terroir produces wines with an
elegant and strong minerality.



This terroir is a mix of volcanic ashes and
sandstone. It gives wines with smoky aromas,
rich and well built

Wines from Traditional
grape varieties

Sylvaner, Riesling, Klevner, Pinot Gris, Pinot
Noir, Gewurztraminer… These wines express
the crispness and fruitiness characteristic of
their grape variety and of our r egion. They
can be drunk with a great variety of food.

Crémants of Alsace

Brought up in accordance with
the traditional method, our
Crémants are festive wines with
a delicate sparkling.

Vendanges Tardives

Harvested in over-ripeness, the Late Harvest
wines offer an exceptional aromatic richness
and concentration.



The Felsberg estate consists of 27 hectar es of
permanent meadow and ar ound 13 hectar es of
vineyards spread over Ber nardvillé and a few
surrounding villages, (namely Reichsfeld, Itterswiller,
Andlau, Eichhoffen, Epfg et Saint-Pierre)

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In 2010, we opted for an organic production. All
synthetic phytosanitary products are banned from
our working methods.
The fertilization o f our v ines is made from our homemade
compost based on the manure of our cows, BRF (fragmented
rameal wood) and grape marc.

Our prestigiousterroirs

Our « Schieferberg »

It is located on a schist soil originated by clay
sediments fve to six hundred million years old.
This soil, almost unique in Alsace, allows the roots
of the vines to sneak down ten meters deep.
The result is fresh, mineral wines with saline notes,
which can be kept for several decades.
Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pinot Auxerr ois and Sylvaner succeed
best in this terroir.

Our « Eichelberg »

It takes its name from the oak forest that covers
it. The Eichelberg hillside located at the entrance
of the valley and exposed to the southwest is a
volcanosedimentary soil. (Cover ed with a thin
layer of topsoil, this soil,) With bluish and very
crumbly rocks, it comes from the accumulation
of volcanic ashes.
The wines obtained ar e round and silky while
retaining the salinity from the terroir.
Eichelberg is the privileged terroir for Pinot Gris and Riesling.

Farmingand biodiversity

The Felsberg farm, with its
complementary activities, is well integrated
into its environment and is constantly looking
for ways to improve its carbon footprint.

Forests and riversides

Encouraging the r egeneration of tr ees with
active root systems helps maintain the banks.
Thus, the harvested wood is sorted.
The carbon-rich trunks are crushed into chips
for heating the wine cellar and the house.
The branches, rich in mineral elements, ar e
crushed and enhanced by spreading in the
They also serve as bedding for cows.

The « Highland cattle breed »
About 30 or ganic Highland cattle graze the
meadows around the village.
The manure produced in Winter is composted
and then spread in the vineyards.


The Fruit trees

The «Felsberg» is the maintenance of orchards
planted by our ancestors.
Each year, for more diversity, we plant fruit trees
whose fruit are used to make juice or brandies.

Productions of the farm

Our farm produces mainly A lsace w ine, but
also some beef, brandy and wood for heating.

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